Why Adopt?

Approximately 3.9 million dogs enter shelters each year in the United States and sadly 1.2 million of them are euthanized every year.

Contrary to what many people think, these are not ‘bad’ dogs who did something wrong. Instead, most of the dogs end up in shelters or with rescue groups through not fault of their own. Common reasons are that an owner passed away, has health issues or had to go into nursing facility. Owners sometimes surrender their dog because they have to move into a new home that does not allow pets or they can no longer afford to keep the dog.

Unfortunately, there are also many dogs that end up in shelters because they are older and their owners don’t want to deal with them anymore or have become bored with them.

Most of the dogs that are in shelters now have been in homes at some point in their  lives.

Why Adopt a HAPPE dog?

HAPPE does not have a shelter facility; all of our dogs are in foster homes. We believe that having dogs in foster homes gives them the best opportunity remember what it’s like to be in a home environment and it also gives us the ability to see their true personalities. Our dogs are loved and cared for by our volunteer foster homes who are dedicated to their well-being.

We temperament test our dogs using a test designed by professional animal behaviorists.

very one of our dogs are spayed/neutered, receive any medical attention needed and are up to date on all vaccines appropriate for their age.

Our Adoption Process

At HAPPE we are dedicated to finding loving, forever homes for the dogs in our care. We work very hard to match the dog with the right home and family.

Once you find one of our Available Dogs dogs that you’re interested in learning more about, just contact us and one of our Adoption Coordinators will be in touch with you. They will talk with you about the dog’s personality, whether they are good with other dogs, cats, children,etc. They will also discuss your needs and make sure that the individual dog would be a good fit for your home and lifestyle. If everything points to a good match, we’ll arrange for you to meet the dog. After that, if you can’t wait to have this dog become part of your family, you’ll fill out our Adoption Application.

Once your application has been received, our Board of Directors will review it and we’ll get back to you with any additional questions or to let you know that you’ve been approved!

Please note that we are an all-volunteer organization and take each application on an individual basis, so an exact time frame can not be given for a decision.

Once an application has been approved, a trial adoption will be arranged. This trial period is an important step in making sure that you and the dog are a good fit together. We ask that you give at least one full week (7 days) to determine if you have found your new family member.
Home visits are required and will be made before or during the trial adoption by one of our Adoption Coordinators.

If you are interested in adopting one of the HAPPE dogs please send us an email at

You can fill out our Adoption Application here